Which are the performance indicators for DevOps?

Is a CIO in an "AGILE mode" still an option or has it become a must? With DevOps, beyond the methodology applied, you have to get the right technologies. But it is the rooted processes that need to be re-engineered, and for this, management is the first level of involvement. How is the success of a DevOps project evaluated? What are the performance indicators? Results are quite low with compartmentalized methods Software development and its phased approach has not yet...

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SCRUM is a method of Management in Development-Projects

"A project constantly challenged to ensure a coherent deliverable. " Thus, we could summarize the AGILE method called SCRUM, to which it is possible to translate the image of rugby, which illustrates so perfectly the values of team work : it lies on a prudent, dynamic and Participatory approach. A mastered advance The Scrum method has two advantages: on one hand it strengthens the developers on the actions they undertake and, on the other hand, Scrum assures the customer that...

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DevOps : a deep transformation


Deeply anchored into the informatics stakes, the global approach of DevOps lies on an essential cultural change. Its name comes from a contraction between the two words, development and operation : if perfectly illustrates the needed collaboration of both development and operation departments. In spite of real decreases in delivery delays, DevOps slightly tends to frighten and to suffer from the resistances of changing companies. What is more, we could notice quite a lack in competence about this new working...

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