4 Tips to get ready to Computing Cloud

Digital transformation involves method, organization and choice of solutions. There has been a real impact on companies, which are quicker to realize the benefits of their transformation, when they deal with this transformation in a thoughtful and prepared manner. Choosing solutions adapted to the objectives to be achieved, and involving employees, are two key success factors for this 360 ° digital turn. Analyze the existing and then keep what can be used Managing and deploying an application on the cloud...

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Why is Public Cloud unavoidable ?

To replace or expand their information systems, companies are increasingly turning to the public cloud. This represents a strong potential for all players in the cloud, who are trying to position themselves in this market, currently largely monopolized by Amazon Web Services. But what other advantage does the public cloud represent today, apart from being an unbelievable financial asset? The Lean Management of Public Cloud This financial asset is generally materialized by the very accessible offers proposed by Google, Amazon...

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Recast your provisioning of services for your company !

Refonte Solution de provisioning utilisateur - PROJIXI EUROPE

Fortunately, your IT Department will manage your new arrival in enterprise. Your manager has sent his or her request via one portal for you to be equipped and operational on the J-Day. From the choice of a laptop rather than a desktop, from your mobile phone, to your authorizations to business applications, everything is thought. This is called provisioning of user services. So when this service is in place, the processes are mastered. But when it comes to completely redesigning...

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Why will you initiate a digital transformation ?

Transformation digitale - PROJIXI BLOG

Initiating a digital transformation allows the company to streamline its business in-house, focus on customer satisfaction, and then focus its efforts on new strategic levers. In fact, it is a question of aligning itself with the competition, its own employees and its clientele, who have become technophiles and whose habits have evolved. So as to keep on being competitive Beyond the best profitability enabled by the digital transformation, the company often cites not wanting to take the leap forward of...

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The safety of Cloud computing in three checkpoints

Cloud et Sécurité des données - Projixi Europe

Do your databases take up space? Well how to do without them ? They are a real goodwill for your structure. Solutions can replace them, but it is better to be well informed. To keep data secure, there are 3 checkpoints. Evaluate the importance of data It is important to take into account the degree of confidentiality of these data and their value. Some or all of them may be coveted by people with malicious intent. A company contains personal...

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Cloud computing needs a choice for a portal and one orchestrator


With the advent of automation, many solutions have arrived on the market with a goal to better serve customers. From software owner to the open source, from complex solutions to more obvious ones, what could you find on the market today, and what will you choose depending on your needs in automation? When is Cisco suite the best way ? Resulting largely from redemptions, Cisco suite is still young. It consists mainly in a Self-Service portal and an orchestrator. Cisco...

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Computing Directors, you have got 3 good reasons to choose private Cloud computing !

DSI 3 raisons d epasser au Cloud Privé

The setting up of a private computing cloud is often achieved by external companies because it implies the installation of a “ready to wear” work-flow through the automation of the day-to-day activities. What is the technical stake of a private computing cloud ? Sharing resources so as to they can work together depending on your users’ needs : here is the main stake ! Yet, for Computing Directors, we must decipher the real bargains offered by a private computing cloud. Private cloud,...

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